Wednesday, 5 September 2012

EXCLUSIVE MIX | The Frothy Mothy Mixeth - Jace Disgrace

When we started Fro & Mo a monthly mini mix was high on the agenda - it lasted 3 months ha. It's something we've always wanted to continue doing so to get it back up we've enlisted our favourite Sydney party starter, and while is moustache leaves a lot to be desired his sets leave everyone wanting more. 

Jace Disgrace has been kind enough to make us an exclusive mini mix mash, featuring all his favourite tunes he's frothing on right now with a few classic coming out of the moth balls. 

Turn it on, take your clothes off, grab the bath salts and have a shot cause it's time for The Frothy Mothy Mixeth - Mo

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 DOWNLOAD | The Frothy Mothy Mixeth - Jace Disgrace


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