Wednesday, 13 February 2013

TASTE IT | Caseno - Sebastian

Every time I open an email from Sweat It Out I know a chubby is just about to ensue, so it's no surprise that the latest offering from their fine stable, Caseno  (Harris Robotis & Riccardo Sciarpa) set the mast from 6 to Midnight in an instant, with their first release - Sebastian. 

Good guy Sweat It Out has also released a couple of remixes of this cruisey delight for freeeee!! So have a taste of the original, then devour the Indian Summer & Terrace remixes you greedy pigs.  

5/5 - Mo (is he a suck up because he wants more free music or is he accurate?) 

LINKS | caseno | indian summer | terrace | sweat it out




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